Keep your Knives safe

Keep your knives safe

If you want to keep your blades at their sharpest, you gotta give them respect. A jumble of knives in a drawer (a drawer without a knife storage solution, that is) will only lead to dinged edges and bloody fingertips. Same thing for knives rattling around in the dishwasher or lying in the sink. There are a few ways to store your knives with love, but if you're going with the knife strip, make sure to remove them the right way. Galen Garretson of The Town Cutler in San Francisco explains: “You don’t want to slide them off—you can ding the edge that way. Twist them onto the spine and then they pop off. When you put it back down, start with the spine and slowly pitch the blade back onto the strip."

The Takeaway: If twisting the knife so the blade faces towards you freaks you out, you're better off with knife-storage solutions on your countertop or in a drawer.

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