Business Readjustment

With a heavy heart, I must inform you that M1rror Edge Sharpening Service is readjusting its business model to pre-pandemic service options. This means that we are returning to our root model of just sharpening professional beauty shears.

With the ever-increasing gas prices, labor, and transportation expenses, we can no longer service knives of any type. We have made a decision not to raise our prices beyond what we believe is reasonable and opted just not to service them. It's just too expensive to travel 80 miles round trip for income that is under $50 three or four times per day. Paying $10 to sharpen a knife is just too much and have found that most won't pay it.

Our goal is and always will be to provide affordable reoccurring services to everyone, however, the pandemic response by our federal government and failing economy have limited our options. We accepted two payroll protection loans (2020,2021) to stay in business and Instead of completely going out of business due to rapidly increasing expenses we have chosen to refocus our efforts on the root of our business which always has been the Professional Beauty Salon industry. This profession simply provides a steady reoccurring predictable income.

During the “pandemic” and due to the unprecedented government shutdowns of DFW restaurants and Beauty Salons, we were forced to take on a second job sharpening knives for one of the largest meatpackers in the Dallas Fort Worth area during the night shift.

I recently was promoted as foreman or “lead meat” and now produce 75% of the beef sold in restaurants in the DFW area for customers like Saltgrass, Longhorn Steak House, Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, Cotton Patch and more. I love what I am doing and the people I work with. They have made it appealing to stay and the income and benefits are great too. This new job only leaves us with one appointment per day during weekdays and two or three appointments during the weekend.

We are very grateful for the wonderful support we have enjoyed during the pandemic and the great conversations. We met with some great people during the course of our travels. We feel lucky to still have a business to shape and grow. If we can return to sharpening knives sometime in the future we will return to sharpening knives. However, at this moment this is the best thing for us.

We wish everyone the best!

Eddie-Owner of M1rror Edge Sharpening Service.

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