American Tanto Sharpening

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

American Tonto knives have unique blade edge geometry. It is made up of two distinct edges, or some might say two blades or knives. To sharpen this geometry well, it requires us to hone each part separately. Essentially we progress through each abrasive twice. This takes more time. Proverbially, the saying ”time equals money” comes to mind. However, the result found by sharpening them separately is enormous. We sharpen the bottom portion of the blade first and then finish with the Tanto point section. To get the ”near mirror” finish, we start with 180 Grit (Silicon Carbide Abrasives), 220, 320, 420, 600, 800,1K, 5k, Japanese Blue Magic on leather (We believe it is 8k-10K). From the time of this post, it will cost $12.00, which is a great value. (See the video at the bottom of the post).

Wikipedia 2020;

Modern tantō: Modern tactical knives have been made by knife makers Bob Lum, Phill Hartsfield, Ernest Emerson, Allen Elishewitz, Bob Terzuola, Strider Knives, Harold J. "Kit" Carson, Benchmade, Camillus Cutlery Company, Spyderco, Severtech, Ka-Bar, SOG Knives, Columbia River Knife & Tool, and Cold Steel. These "American Tantō" designs, which are often folding knives, feature a thick spine on the blade that goes from the tang to the tip for

increased tip strength. The handle shape may be altered slightly to provide better ergonomics.

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